No wedding is ever complete without a bachelor party, but the sad reality is that bachelor parties are often let downs. When expectations are large, and budgets are small it can mean a real squib of an occasion. But this does not need to be the case as it is quite easy to throw a great party on a tight budget. The key is to recognise that it is not about spending money. While inevitably there will be costs, the point is that a good bachelors is about making memories – and the memories that you make at home can be just as good as the ones you create on a weekend away with the lads in Latvia. Memories can be made anywhere. Here are a few ideas for making great memories on a tight budget.

It wouldn’t be right without it

What stag party is ever complete without a lady taking her clothes off? A dollop of nudity is almost what bachelor parties are about. So, make sure that you factor something like that into the plan. If a visit to a club and the expense of lap-dances is too much, you can still have somebody come to where you are partying. A quick online search for something like ‘female strippers Melbourne’ will yield a list of people and places who are happy to dress up and travel. It will make for a great show and a lot of memories. She doesn’t need to be the best dancer in town, just make sure that she is cute and that she plays to the fantasies of the groom. Easy.


Having a ready supply of alcohol is important. Booze fuels parties, it loosens up inhibitions and it facilitates good times. That is not to say that you must have alcohol in order to have fun, but it certainly goes a long way towards helping and lubricating a good time. So, whatever it is that you intend to do, make sure that there is beer available. But, having said that, take note that there is no need to go completely over the top. Sure, if you want the over-riding memory of the bachelor party to be the size of the hangover then go crazy, but if you want the memories to be about the fun and the action on the night, then rachet things up to a good level and keep them there, without going over the top.

Planning is important

Without being too rigid, try to plan the night – but not like too much of a military operation. Remember that you want to be able to get lost in the moment. If you are working to a schedule or a deadline then you always need to have one eye on the clock. So, know that you need a rough order of action, but try to ensure that there is never a need to harry people along. And make sure that the simple things are covered. A phone with a good charge so that it is always easy to call an Uber. Enough cash on hand so you never have to worry about finding a bank machine. It is simple stuff, but it will allow you to enjoy the moment and to throw a great and memorable party.