Julia, 22, is a young girl with a very special life. Student at the high school of social work in Geneva, she occupies her nights in an unusual activity: Julia is an escort.

Between prejudices and realities, she tells us about her daily life, in the heart of a world that is little known.

It’s an exchange caught in flight that broke all my prejudices.

I did not become an escort on a whim.

To tell the truth, I had never thought about it before starting my studies.

I arrived in Geneva when I was 19 years old.

I come from the Swiss countryside, my parents work in agriculture: to say that I was not at all a girl of the city!

My arrival in Geneva transformed me: I finally did the studies I had always dreamed of, I discovered a lot of different people, a world I did not know.

Unfortunately, the cost of living in Geneva was not the same as in the countryside, and I quickly realized that I would have to invest to help my parents finance my life as a student. Passionate about social and human relations, I first observed the world of escorts during a surprise conversation in a bar, with friends.

It was this exchange caught flying that broke all my prejudices: the woman seemed at ease, and did not seem to force herself to get closer to the man who seemed to listen to her, and to an infinite sweetness.

After this evening, the idea settled in a corner of my head, and never left me.

I was free in my work, and I liked it.

After a few weeks of information on the subject and deep reflection, I decided to take the plunge. I registered in an agency, because I found it safer than to start alone. I was scared at first, I admit it: I felt that at any time, I could find myself facing a pervert, or a dangerous man.

It took me some time to understand that in fact I could choose the way I worked. I could exchange emails with the person to get to know them, decide whether to work or not according to my health or my schedule at school, refuse an appointment, give preference to another. I was free in my work, and that pleased me.

I began to appreciate what I was doing, and therefore to assume it. I was no longer afraid to meet someone from my school when I was working, I was not hiding in the street anymore. I blossomed in contact with people.

I had access to places in which I never thought of setting foot.

I was also able to put a foot in this world that made me dream but that I did not have the means to offer myself before. Being escorted to Geneva means working in a rich, cultural city full of resources and interesting people.  I discovered a lot of different horizons, had access to places in which I never thought to set foot one day.

I have eaten in very good restaurants and slept in beautiful starred hotels. Of course, it’s not like that every day: my clients are not all rich entrepreneurs!

Despite this, being registered in a recognized agency gives me a certain status and has avoided falling on people too shady. I discover the life of the great Geneva, while making enough money not only to help my parents pay my rent, but also to keep a little aside.

When I compare what I earn with what my friends get by having more traditional student jobs, I realize that I was not wrong to embark on this adventure, my faith more fruitful and less monotonous than Waitress job.

Most of the time, there is not even sex.

Today, I still have clients of all ages, from all walks of life. There are some that I find regularly, and others that are just passing through. There are many business men who are just there for two, three days. They are here to live an experience of luxury and various pleasures, the escort is part of this experience.

The others are all very different, but with the same enormous need for affection and gratitude.

That’s why most of the time, there is not even sex: it’s an outing, then a moment when they talk, and I have to listen to them, understand them and make sure that they are feel good in my company.

Sometimes there are hugs and massages. When sexual intercourse takes place, I am entitled to ask my conditions: if I refuse something, they usually do not have too much trouble accepting it. I make things nice for me. I always protect myself, without exception.

I also protect myself from suffering. If I feel that one of them starts to get too attached, I put an end to the appointments.

I do not believe that true love can be born of such a relationship.

I learned to make fun of others’ eyes.


Even if at first I was afraid to say it, today, a part of my entourage is aware of my “double life”. I still have not told my parents: I think I can tell my mother, but my father is too protective to accept it, so I prefer not to tell them anything yet.

I quickly revealed it to my close friends: hard to hide the reality from the people we see every day. To those that I do not feel open-minded enough, I say that I make home sales, which justifies my frequent trips.

In general, they do not ask too many questions. At worst, if they learn it, I’ve learned over time how to make fun of others

Many ask me how I will do when I have a boyfriend, and that boyfriend will not accept my work. The answer is simple: the day I meet someone I really fall in love with, I’ll let go of my job without any problem. I would not need this work forever.

For now, this day has not arrived. In any case, what is certain is that it will not be someone met as part of my escort job!

In hindsight, I do not regret anything!

In short, if I had to summarize my work, I would just say that you have to know how to be sure of yourself, and sure of what you want. We must not be afraid to assert ourselves if we do not want to be on our feet.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s a job where everything is rosy every day, but after all, is there really a job where everything is always going well?