If you are young and single and you have money to burn, it is okay to go all out and make some memories. As you get older and your responsibilities become more certain behaviours are frowned on. So, if you want to live the like a star of yesteryear, a lifestyle of sex and drugs and rock and roll then the best time to do it is when you are young and carefree. As many wise, elderly folk have advised anyone who will listen, it is better to regret the things that you have done as opposed to the things that you haven’t done.


Let’s face it, getting intimate with somebody is a great place to be. But as much as you want to go out there and make memories, you also don’t want to hurt people in the process. If you are going to go hunting for a good time with a stranger you could do a lot worse than finding somebody who does this for a living. A quick online search for something like, ‘high class brothels Sydney’ should yield the desired results. You don’t need to go out trawling the streets for somebody to help you fulfil your desires, that is just manky. High class is where you want to be, somebody who looks great, who might fancy some dinner and dancing first and who will make sure that, on your arm, that you are the envy of everyone else in the room.


Experimentation is best done when you’re young. Be smart though and make sure that if you don’t open the door to a dark and murky place from which there is no return. Things like heroine should be considered non-starters. But there are substances which can be considered ‘safe’ or smarter. A lifetime of addiction is not the way to go unless you want to end up sleeping in a doorway. But marijuana, mushrooms or LSD could make for some great stories. The same could be said for cocaine, which is commonly used as a recreational drug these days. Whatever your choice, make sure that you think through things smartly.

Rock and Roll

This is not necessarily about being in a band, it is about partying hard and going all night. Without a doubt this is the most accessible aspect of the lifestyle of the celebrities and stars. Get out there and do it. Concerts and night clubs and bars should all feature on this agenda, ideally all in the same night if you are going to create memories to remember. The reality is that as you get older it takes longer to recover from big nights out and you feel rougher and rougher with each passing year. That’s not to say that youngsters don’t feel rough after a big night out, it’s just that they bounce back a whole lot quicker. A nice greasy breakfast and some strong coffee and you are as good as new. So, go big, do it often and make sure that you have plenty of good adult stories to tell your children when you are old and crusty.