The emerging economy of porn

The pornography is a large industry. According to Forbes magazine, between July 2009 and 2010, 13% of all searches on the Internet were about erotic content. Approximately 4% of the most visited websites are pornographic, and although it is difficult to give an exact figure, it is estimated that only […]

Gangsters And Prostitutes

Gangsters and criminals do get involved in the sex business in Spain. Dave had come up against them both as would-be partners and as adversaries in the past. Neither encounters had been long-lived and he and Saskia and their businesses were still standing without being involved in any illegal activity […]

Tips To Understand About The Russian Women

Russia is the leading country in the world, where many beautiful women who are searching for their life partner. Basically the Russian women are kind, honest, shy, caring, very attachment to the family members, always ready to aid and support her life partner and much more. So these reasons make […]