Tips to Keep In Mind While Finding Strippers for Your Friend’s Bucks or Hens Party

For your friend, his or her wedding is a very special and memorable occasion. However, what is usually an even more memorable event in terms of fun and letting one’s hair down is the bachelor party or bachelorette party. Better known as a buck’s party or a hens party in Australia, this kind of a party is a must before a guy and woman become man and wife. It is the last time when the to-be bride or groom can openly flirt and have some fun, not necessarily the physical kind of fun but some pure, unadulterated fun. And strippers form a vital part of this fun and of the party. However, it is important to plan a bachelor or bachelorette party well, especially the part regarding hiring of female strippers or their male counterparts to avoid any unpleasant episodes when you are actually out to have a night of fun. Since the entire success of the party depends on the strippers in most of the cases, the following tips and pointers are worth considering.

Points to consider while hiring male or female strippers

  • Meet them in person

Usually, you are shown a number of photographs of various strippers online and you choose the ones that look the best from those pictures. But more often than not, these pictures are photo-shopped thus breaking the age old idiom ‘what you see is what you get’. That is why it is better to go to the agency in person. There you can view the top few options that you might have shortlisted via the online photos and meet them in real and decide on the ones you want to go ahead with for the party.

  • Inform the venue

Another important pointer is to inform the strippers about the venue of the party beforehand itself, whether it is on Party Boats or at somebody’s house or in a lounge or on a rooftop area or any other location. Specify the exact location to them beforehand. This serves two purposes. First, they know where exactly to arrive on the day of the party and will not be late and keeping the gang waiting. Second, sometimes the rates differ according to the location; say for hiring them on boats or at a far-off location, whatever the reason or conditions may be. Instead of being quoted a different rate later on owing to the changed location it is better to confirm it once before the party.

  • Check out the terms and conditions

When you are going to the agency to check out the strippers in person and hiring them post that, it is advised to even check out all the terms and conditions at that time itself. The terms could be regarding the mode of payment, the amount of time they will perform and other such conditions. It is better to read up on them before agreeing to it as you could be taken for a ride if you are not aware of what exactly are the terms and conditions. Sometimes you might make the payment earlier and the strippers might not turn up at the venue at all thus swindling you with the cash. For being cautious against instances like these read up on the terms before and also lay down any conditions you feel that protect your rights as well as those of the strippers.

Keeping these points in mind will ensure you and your friends have a gala time.