The escort industry and sex industry are not quite synonymous terms. Escorts operate at the highest end of the market. Obviously street walkers work at the lowest. But whatever point in the market a woman might be operating, the sex industry is not the same as the sex trade. At least not in my mind. For me, the sex trade involves all of the deeply unfortunate women that have been forced into working as prostitutes against their will and are not able to leave their horrible situations. And the poor women have probably been moved across borders illegally and against their will in order to put them into that situation. The sex trade is vile, inhuman and anyone who perpetrates it deserves to be punished in the most extreme and horrible manner possible.

But the sex industry, where the sex workers participate of their own free will and are free to start work, stop work, change location and move from agency to agency as they wish. They can set their own prices, hours and accept or turn down work as they choose. They meet the definition of a freelance and independent business person perfectly. The finest escorts Ibiza clients can find can just up sticks and go elsewhere at the drop of a hat (or anything else!) without consulting anyone or asking for permission. They can steal clients too if they wish, but that is just a bad long term business decision. But if they want to make a bad long term decision for short term reasons, it is completely up to them.

There is no more perfect free market than the sex industry. The professional sex worker or escort agency that provides the best product and service at the best price will win. It is as simple as that. True, every so often someone or some firm tries to create a monopoly by trying to force girls to work with them exclusively or not at all, or by “strong arming” the competition and attempting to extort protection money or “respect”. I have even seen escort agencies and escorts attempt to work together and create cartels to skew the market. It never works. And it never ends well.