Tech-savvy London escorts

Technology and the adult industry go hand-in-hand, the latter being influential in the rise of mobile apps giving women the freedom to design their working lives.

This is no more evident than in Netflix’s documentary on the subject, Escorts, showing internet escorting in its full glory.

London-based escorts Cookie Jane and Miss Emily B earn thousands of pounds each week through mobile app Adultwork, which vet’s men and women and is known for its detailed reviews.

The website keeps the two friends safe while working from their Mayfair flat.

It also gives them the amount of work responsible for the wads of bank notes they are often surrounded by in the film as they chat to new and returning clients on their mobile phones.

These girls are on the fast-track to becoming rich and meeting men only too happy to help.

Emily B, who is 27 at the time, describes Adultwork as a website for independent escorts.

Although she has since left the adult industry, as a full-timer she was making up to £6,000 a week.

She said: “You have to make a profile, get your pictures up and get yourself verified.

“It’s free to join up, but as a girl to advertise that you are available today costs you five credits which is £5.

“I will only see clients who I have verified and they are who they say they are so if anything does happen… there’s no way of getting away with it.”

And it is this level of assurance which is keeping the women working from behind a screen where they have maximum control.

Just what Cookie Jane likes and perhaps the reason why an attractive proposal from an older man was not enough to stop her working.

The documentary gives a glimpse into Cookie Jane’s ambition to open her own London escort agency. If they want to stay in the industry, there are all sorts of opportunities and equally if they want to leave, they have the capital to take risks.

Part of the 23-year-old’s story also involves a client who wants her to leave her job as a London escort and let him be her sugar daddy.

When asked about their need to pamper, she said: “They can help me as much as they want, I’m not going to complain.

“I need my rent paid – it’s £2,500 – then my bills, I go out for meals most nights, then I need gifts.”

Don’t we all, right?