Masturbation; Something To Enjoy Wholeheartedly

Enjoyment and appeasement, these are the virtues of female masturbation that teaches women to know their body, their erogenous zones and the mechanisms of pleasure. Female masturbation brings only benefits and yet it remains a taboo subject, much more than male masturbation. But the time has come to lift the veil on this solitary pleasure

A practice still taboo

This term comes from the Latin: “manus” (the hand) and “stuprare” (defile) … It is better understood why this act has been deemed unacceptable for many years. Misconceptions about the dangers of masturbation are numerous: in France, it was said that masturbation makes one deaf while in the United States it was said that it makes one blind! This kind of belief was intended to prevent this once-reviled practice. The Catholic Church still asserts that this is a perversion. Today, men are free, but women who admit to masturbating are still rare (45% of women masturbate regularly). Guilt, embarrassment? Our education plays a prime role in our sexuality. Some parents forbid their children to touch their sex organs, thus generating a blockage. What can be pleasure becomes dirty and taboo.

Find your sexual equilibrium

Many studies show that women who practice masturbation have a much more active and fulfilling sex life. Know that the vast majority of women reach orgasm only by use of vibrator. So, for those who resist: do not hesitate!

Masturbating with a vibrator is also the best way to know your sensitive points and discover your body: clitoris, G-spot, and other erogenous zones. Once you know how to make yourself enjoy, it will be easier for you to guide your partner for mutual sexual fulfillment.

For the experts, you can walk your fingers

Legs apart while lying down or sitting, your fingers will have to work the walk of a fairy! Start exploring your vulva by caresses and rubs. Spread out the lips (large and small) to discover your clitoris, located at the front, and use your middle finger. Titillate your clitoris up and down, back and forth or make a circular motion for the most sensitive. Determine the rhythm that gives you the most sensation and holds it until orgasm.

For the shy ones, we use an object

The vagina is deep and difficult to access for the hands. Help yourself with an object. Pillows, blankets, soft toys, hairbrush handles … It’s up to you to use your imagination to explore the joys of masturbation. It’s easier by lying on your stomach, place the object between your thighs by moving back and forth to get a rubbing effect. Find the rhythm and pressure that gives you the most pleasure.

For lazy people, we use a sex toy

Dildos, vibrators or clitoris stimulator: it is now easy to be equipped with sex toys! Whether you are sitting, lying down or squatting, the use of the sex toy is extremely simple and extremely effective! Ideal when you do not want to make an effort or reach orgasm in 3 minutes. With the help of this erotic object, stimulate your clit by making it vibrate or handle it according to your wishes.