Is hooking up a good idea?

Dating today is not what it once was; and this is due to many factors. First off; societal values and approaches towards coupling and sex have evolved. What was once a traditions-based society is moving toward more progressive ideas; giving people more freedom and flexibility to have fun. Secondly technology now makes it possible for us to talk to people with a camera and a microphone from one end of the planet to the other; and that really influences how we communicate and meet new people. There are more factors but those are the main ones; and one thing is for sure: the dating landscape has changed; but is it for the better?

Naughty dates

The one thing that people seem to be doing a lot more is naughty dating; where they just hook-up for some good times in bed without any extra attachment; no need for commitment to enjoy themselves. Online dating has fuelled this kind of practice; with casual dating sites like gaining a lot of popularity between both men and women; and for a good reason. It is now so easy to browse at people’s online profile and it’s even easier to send them a message to let them know you’re interested in a bit of quality time; and the best part is that they won’t even be offended! So hook-up dating is very easy; but is it safe?

Need to be careful

Like with meeting any stranger there are always risks to be taken. But at least if you chat online a few times then you do get to know that person a bit; enough at least to figure out if they are real or just trying to scam you in some way. Because there is always a chance something bad could happen; but this was the case in the past way before the internet was even invented. As far as it goes; the internet makes things safer; the only thing is that with any exposure comes risk; and the net does expose you to more people than the traditional methods ever did. With that in mind; just try to act with your head and let your logic take over your other bodily senses and you should be able to tell if people are not who they say they are. To be honest; things are still better now that you have the time and space to make up your mind; as opposed to meeting a total stranger face-to-face for the first time.

So a good idea then?

To conclude; we can say that hook-up sex is a good idea if the only thing you really want is to get your rocks off. You just need to stay sharp and remember your essentials (like protection; a really important one there) and you will be fine. Plan things well; be respectful and be fun; if you do those things then there is no reason why you won’t have a great time. Not only that but you will still feel good about it the next day; which is also very important. Sex with regrets isn’t good sex; but do it right and it will haunt your dreams in a good way for the years to come!