How to Drive Women Crazy in Bed

Many have heard the saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This saying can be applied to many aspects of heterosexual relationships, but it becomes more apparent in bed. Both men and women want to have a pleasurable experience in bed. No one starts out a night saying that they will intentionally have a mediocre or second-rate intimate experience. We all have some sort of expectation to be satisfied when we embark on any sexual activity. So in this aspect, men and women are alike. They both want pleasure and to be satisfied whenever engaging in sexual intercourse. However, there is a huge difference in how men and women become satisfied. In this article, we will explore a couple of ways to make your special lady extra happy in bed.


Being sexually intimate does not start from the moment a couple decides to have sex. This might be the case for many men, but definitely not for most women. By turning on your partner well before initiating sex is a recipe for success. Imagine if you wanted to cook pasta. You would have to boil the water before throwing in the pasta, right? Well, women also need to be turned-on and aroused before having sex. This might sound obvious, but what many men get wrong is that they start this process too late. Foreplay is one of the strongest tools men have to make women aroused. Studies have shown that women are more aroused mentally than physically. So start lighting the flame well before showing any indication of what is on your mind. Make sure to tease her throughout the day. This can be done with lovingly comments and soft sensual touches or with naughty and playful ones. Once things finally lead to the bedroom, keep up with the foreplay and resist going for her most sensitive areas. Foreplay should focus on under-recognized areas of her body, such as her neck, sides, back, or thighs.

Being Naughty

Many women like to explore their sexuality, but without overtly showing it. This is where you can introduce her to new experiences without making her feel self-conscious. Someone always has to go first in these situations, and it’s much easier if you bring up the topic first. This can be done by simply saying something along the lines that you are feeling a bit naughty. This can mean many different things, but make sure to let her try to guess what’s on your mind. This will allow you to hear the different things she considers naughty, and from there you can gauge how far to go. If you see that she is thinking of a sex game, then perhaps you can start role playing. Plus, confidence goes a long way for women. The more confident you are, then the better results you will get in return. Introducing an adult toy can also be a great way to change things up. Make sure to check out one of these male toys for inspiration. Many women see a man that is willing to use an adult toy as a man confident with himself and his sexuality.

It might be true that men and women are from different planets, at least in the mind, but it doesn’t stop us from finding out what drives the other crazy in all the good ways.