Erotic Massages Prague – Enjoy Relaxing Moments

If you have spent some time in Prague and now you are feeling a bit disgusted by other tourists, sightseeing, noise or general bustle of big cities, erotic massages Prague can offer are exactly what you will appreciate. 

Erotic Massages Prague – Forget the Chaos All Around

Erotic massages raise profound feelings of calm, peace of mind and mental stillness, which is something that most of us crave for.

Wide choice

Let professionals spoil your body and put all your troubles out of your mind. Vast majority of studios offer a variety of techniques.

These are the most popular:

  • Nuru
  • Soapy massage
  • Tantra (if you are interested in tantra, see this article containing an interview with a tantric sex worker)
  • Massage of genitals
  • Massage for couples

Whether you are a man or woman, you will find the right one for yourself. There is also a possibility of a massage for couples, which represents one of the ways to liven up partnership sex life.

In case of being interested in basic information about erotic massages, see this website.

History of Erotic Massage

Everyone who has already experienced an erotic massage will agree with the statement that it frees mind of distress and helps our bodies to get rid of tension. But where shall we look for the roots of this phenomenon? Where does the art of touch that brings human bodies to the peak of arousal come from?

Ancient Times

To find the very start of it, we have to go back to ancient civilizations. In general, the Far East is considered a cradle of erotic massages. For instance, above-mentioned Nuru has originated in Japan. Many of ancient societies had considered sexual energy a fundamental power of human body. That is the reason why locals had let it loose during mystical practices and rituals.

In ancient times there had been a continuous improvement of techniques of erotic massage. Physicians and philosophers had been trying to discover new matters to make them more pleasant and curative. This fact, for example, has given rise to the substance known as aphrodisiac.

Middle Ages

Needless to say, one of the most typical signs of medieval times is the power of religious dogma and the associated sexual repression. The Church at that time had called physical pleasures “sins of the flesh”. Due to this fact, there are no extant mentions or proofs of the practice of erotic massages.


Nevertheless, in the 16th century, after the Renaissance spread from Italy to the rest of the Europe, erotic massages has become popular again. What contributed to it the most, was the intellectual basis of Renaissance – a new version of humanism, built up on the concept of Roman Humanitas. As a consequence of that, the interest in human body was increasing quickly.

Erotic massages has become a healing practice that has been used to treat female hysteria. The process lay in a rubbing of female genitals by a doctor or midwife until the patient climaxed. The state in which women “had to” be treated by orgasm was even named – it used to be called “suffocation of the mother”. 

Contemporary History

Erotic massage generally gains in popularity since the 20th century, which goes hand in hand with sexual openness and explicitness. We have become used to the ubiquity of erotic stimuli all around us. Contemporary mind-set of the Western societies has given raise to the development of sex industry which also includes erotic massages as an available and easy reachable services (although they usually do not include sexual intercourse). Luckily for us, everybody is now able to enjoy this highly pleasant experience.