Enjoying the Moments with the Perfection of Technology

Technology pushes human sexuality to unexplored terrain. It’s about transforming the way we express love and sex, and having tremendous potential for deeper emotional and physical connections. While everyone should enjoy it, this may be especially true for those who face sexual challenges because of distance, loneliness, discrimination or disability.

According to the experts, five major areas are behind these changes. The future of sexual intercourse plunges into each of them, revealing how breakthroughs move us past the threshold of thinking that technology isolates us. Instead, here are the main ways technology plays a vital role in bringing us closer. Starting from the sexcams like CameraBoys you will have a wide option now.

Remote intimacy

Distance can be a relationship killer. But work and other factors often prevent couples from seeing each other regularly. Fortunately, advances in distance sex and intimate technologies are overcoming this divide. Sex technology companies already sell sex toys connected to the Internet. These “smart” vibrators and male sex cuffs interact with each other via mobile applications or computer software. Using touch technology, they record sexual movements and send sensations between lovers who are miles away.

There are also prototypes for long-distance kissing devices, virtual reality combinations, and connected pillows that transmit the sound of heartbeats. These innovations foreshadow the future of distant sexuality and multi-sensory and immersive intimacy. While this movement is still emerging, in the next decades, remote sex will become more attractive, realistic and emotionally intense. The innovation is expected to begin in earnest after 2018, when a broad patent governing the transmission of sexual communication online has expired.

Virtual fantasy

Want to explore your sexual fantasies in a safe and welcoming environment? Virtual adult universes allow you to design environments and sexual bodies hyper customizable. You can transform or customize another avatar into your ideal partner, meet real people in real time, participate in virtual dance parties, and enter spaces without judgments designed to meet unique desires. For those living in isolated rural areas or conservative areas that might consider non-traditional sex as shameful, virtual sex could greatly improve overall well-being and self-acceptance.

The motion capture animations of actors help create incredibly realistic animated graphics. But all of this will become even more realistic. Virtual sex worlds have begun to integrate remote sex toys and virtual reality. As these new fields merge and become more advanced, the line that divides the “real” sex with someone in your physical space and the virtual sex in the online worlds will disappear.

Create our sexual future

Sex and sexuality play a vital role in human interaction. These emerging technologies can help us learn more about ourselves and connect better with our loved ones. The way we use these innovations will shape future generations. For those facing physical, emotional and geographic challenges, they will offer opportunities for sexual fulfillment that would not otherwise exist.

However, these subjects and also CameraBoys do not always receive the attention they deserve; as much as our society is fascinated by sex, we often fail to talk about it in a positive way that pushes the discussion forward. The purpose of the this Sex report is to increase the visibility of how technology contributes to human sexuality, so that as many people as possible can participate in creating a positive sexual future.